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SURGE produces a half sine (8.3mS) of current into the part under the test and measures the voltage at the time of peak current. The 8.3mS pulse is, preceded by a lower current, which is programmable relative to both time and amplitude.

The pulse shape is synthesized by sending a stored table to the bias control DAC.

SURGE is by default a FORWARD test although by using the F1 switch, you can reverse direction for testing low voltage zeners in the REVERSE direction. If you can do this, you should check the compliance rating of the hardware to be sure it can accommodate the maximum VZ expected.

Each of the two currents is programmable independently. The peak current is NOT the sum of the two forcing currents. The following examples 1A for 50mS followed by a half sine with a peak amplitude of 40A.

  • TESTn SURGE 1A 40A<2V T50

The constant used to program the pulse width is set in the CUSTOM.TXT file. This can be used to fine tune the width or even to set it to another value altogether.

RSURGE is a similar test, which by default is a REVERSE test. The pulse shape for RSURGE is rectangular.

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