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FEC200 RSurge Test

RSURGE is similar to VZ in that it is a constant current reverse test and the reading is VZ. However there are a number of important differences. RSURGE is intended to stress the part by applying a fairly high power for 8.3mS. The part under test should survive this stressful pulse without damage. Other subsequent tests will be done to confirm that the part is still in spec.

There are two forcing currents. The first current is a background level on which the main pulse is superimposed. This background current is of course turned on first and the time before the main pulse is called the "front porch." If the background current remains on after the main pulse (optional) that interval is called the "back porch."

The two currents are programmed independently. That is, the main pulse is not added to the background. If you program 10mA and 1A, the pulse will be 1A not 1.01A.

These are two versions of RSURGE. You can program your tester (globally) to use one or the other by editing the file CUSTOM.TXT.


The front porch width is controlled by the SOAK TIME. If you add T50, the front porch will be 50mS and the main pulse will be 8.3mS. There is no back porch.

The voltage reading is taken 8.3mS into the main pulse, just before turning it off.

  • TESTn RSURGE 250S 650MA >7V <10V T10

This allows you to reject the part if the voltage increases too much during the main pulse or if it collapses.


The front porch width is set by RFPORCH, a constant that can be changed in CUSTOM.TXT. The default is 10mS.

The main pulse is the same as in the standard version.

The width of the back porch is controlled by the SOAK TIME that you program with the T function. T1 sets it to 1mS.

The voltage is not measured during the main pulse but it is measured just before the end of the back porch. This allows you to check the VZ after the main pulse and evaluate the change. (See below)

  • TESTn RSURGE250A 650MA >6.5V T1

This allows you to test the VZ at the low current after the main pulse to be sure it has not collapsed. Also note some other options below.

RATIO and DIFF are two tests that will allow you to do a standard VZ test at the front porch current before RSURGE and then evaluate the difference caused by the main pulse of RSURGE. This assumes that you use the optional version.

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