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FEC200E Diode Tester

The FEC200E is an automatic computer- controlled diode and rectifier tester. It is controlled by a standard PC-compatible computer running FreeDOS.

This is a successor to our longstanding and successful tester FEC200. The FEC200 is described in detail on this site. The "E" version has all of the same capabilities as the original tester. In addition the "E" version has hardware and software enhancements  to support various optional external test stations. These stations may add additional tests such as those used to test TVS devices. They may also extend the voltages and currents available in the  host tester.
When a special station is used, all of the tests normally provided by the  FEC200E  are still available.  So with one insertion  the  diode may be tested  for  all  of  the  usual  FEC200E  tests  in  additional  to the  new tests added by the special station.
To support this extra capability new software named MAXX3 is provided. MAXX3 although more powerful than the original MAXX will run programs written for MAXX while also converting the programs to the MAXX3 format so that new tests may be entered.
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