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Change Log

This log, started 11/08/06 documents changes to FEC software that are
common to all (or most) of our software packages.

11/08/06 Due to difficulties with parallel port cards when used to talk
to the tester interface, all new testers will use the onboard parallel port
which will be LPT1 at 378h. The printer will use the 2nd parallel port LPT2
at 278h. The expansion card for LPT2 will be a STARTECH PCI1PECP.
This board uses a 9805CV chip (which is also used by some other boards).
The DOS driver software for boards using this chip is mndosin.exe.
The line to put in autoexec.bat to load and configure this port for LPT2 is
C:\FEC\PARPORT\NMDOSIN.EXE -a -r -u -c:lpt2=spp

The onboard parallel port would by default be setup by the BIOS to be LPT1
at 378h in SPP (or "normal") mode. Therefore it is necessary to go to the
BIOS CMOS setup menu and change the onboard parallel port mode to be EPP.
If you have a choice, regarding the EPP mode make it "1.9"

There will be lines in the STARTUP.EXT files for all of our software that
sets the LPT# and in most the TesterBase address. For new testers with
software distributed on CD-ROM the default settings will look like this ...

378 TO TesterBase

If using new software on older testers where the printer is on LPT1 and LPT2
is used for the tester interface, these lines should be commented out ....

\ 2 TO LPT#
\ 378 TO TesterBase

With these lines commented out, the defaults go back to the older settings.

Also the BIOS CMOS setup should be left in its default state where the
parallel port is LPT1 at 378h and mode SPP or "normal"

When we ship a new tester with our computer it will be all setup as described
ready to use.

If we send software updates on diskettes to be used on older testers we
should edit

As of 11/08/07 a few "new" testers have been shipped with SIIG parallel port
boards used to interface the tester and the printer is on LPT1 on the
motherboard. These SIIG boards are no longer available so it would be
advisable to upgrade these testers to be compatible with the above. We do
have a few SIIG boards in stock that could be used as replacements for any
customers using them. There are some older testers using SIIG boards also.

Because of obsolesence issues it would be a good idea if all of our customers
upgraded their old testers to use our new computers and software.

Since the default printer connection is now LPT2, EDIT.EXE has been
recompiled with LPT2 as the default printer. It can still be changed (per
session) from within EDIT.

11/19/06 Changed name of 10X1000 and other such tests to 10/1000. However
for compatibility, the software will still accept the original names also.

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