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About ISA Slots in PC Interface

Early FEC testers used PCs with ISA expansion slots and we supplied a B435 board to be plugged into the PC to interface with our testers. The other end of this interface (in the tester) was a B499 board.

Since the PC industry has almost completely phased out the ISA slots (not impossible but difficult to get), we have switched over to using the LPT1 parallel printer port for the interface and we supply a suitable second parallel board for connection to the printer. This change also requires that we upgrade the interface board in the tester to a B621.

To summarize: New testers that we ship include a suitable PC that we call FECPC1 and that computer contains a suitable parallel port. See the separate description of the FECPC1. The tester itself will be shipped with a B621 installed and a suitable parallel port (printer) cable.

To upgrade an existing tester using the ISA interface to use the new FECPC1 (or other computer with no ISA slots) you would need a B621 board for the tester end. If you supply the computer yourself, you will also need a parallel printer cable rated IEEE 1284, male to female with 25 pin connectors on both ends. If you plan on connecting a printer a second parallel port would have to be added as well.

This discussion applies to testers such as the FEC200, and CV300 that use the PC to control the tester in real time. Testers such as the VF40 or PLS1000 that use the PC to remotely program the tester do not need the parallel port interface.

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