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SLAVE is a pseudo test, which doesn't actually measure anything or produce any readings. However it is very useful for adding additional limits to a test already performed. For example:

  • TEST 1 VZ 1MA 175V >130V <140V
  • TEST 2 SLAVE 1 <140V <150V
  • TEST 3 SLAVE 1 >150V <160V
  • TEST 4 SLAVE 1 >160V <170V

There are several interesting points about this sequence. For example:

It is not necessary for the test numbers to be consecutive. The "1" in the SLAVE tests tells MAXX where to look for the reading. Of course the VZ test must be performed before the SLAVEs.

The 175V item in the VZ test forces MAXX to use the 1638.3V scale, which will be required for the 170V limit in test 4. Otherwise MAXX would use the 163.83V scale.

Although the SLAVE test is frequently used with VZ/VBR tests, it is not limited to such use. It can be used with any test that produces a reading.

Using SLAVEs rather than repeating the VZ test not only saves time, but reduces errors due to heating or the part under the test. It also guarantees perfect tracking between the various limits since they are done digitally on the single reading taken by the target test.

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