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FEC200 END Test

END is a pseudo-test that means "jump to the end of the sequence." There are other ways to do this and some situations where you don't have to do it all.

If your program is just a straight list of test with no jumps, then END if used just saves a little time. It does this by avoiding the necessity of having the program check each of perhaps 60 or 70 unused tests in order to find out that they are blank. Fast modern computers do this very quickly anyhow.

If you have jumps in your programs it is important to terminate each branch of the program properly. You can do this with one or more END tests like this.


You could also attach an unconditional jump to the last test in a branch, like this:

  • TESTn IR 90% <1ľA JU75
(75 is beyond the last programmable test)

Sometimes for special purposes you will put one or more test with high sequence numbers in your program and do conditional jumps to them. If you do this, don't forget to use one or more ENDs or unconditional jumps to make the ends of any branches in the main program jump over them. This is a common oversight.

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