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Both the DRIFT and IRDRIFT test are similar but are used with the VZ/VBR test and IR tests respectively.

When a VZ or IR test is performed early in a sequence, the value is remembered. Later in the sequence, when a DRIFT or IRDRIFT test is performed (usually at the same "forcing" condition) the new value is compared with the old. The absolute difference between the earliest test and the current one is compared to the limits.

The DRIFT test is particularly useful for detecting diodes whose VZ/VBR changes during testing This is a condition that otherwise would require manual testing with a curve tracer.


  • TEST 1VBR 100ľA >600V
  • TEST 2 IR 450V <2ľA


  • TEST 10DRIFT 100ľA <20V
  • TEST 11IRDRIFT450V 10ľA <.2ľA

NOTE: The 10ľA informs MAXX what is the highest IR expected so it will use an appropriate scale.

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