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MAXX Commands & Function Keys

Here is a list of some of the MAXX commands and a short description of their function in order of most commonly used.

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LOAD Copies previously recorded program into Station 0.
ALOAD Copies previously recorded ASC program into Station 0.
LOADn*.* Copies the first program found that starts with n into Station0. The next JOIN will load the next program found.
JOIN Copies the program in Station 0 to Station 1.
JOINn Copies the program in Station 0 to Station n.
LIST Displays program currently in Station 0 on the screen.
LISTn Displays program in Station n on the screen where n = station number.
STARTn Starts Station n.
START Starts all stations.
STOPn Stops Station n.
STOP Stops all stations.
WATCHn Displays Test and BIN results on screen of station n, defaults to 1 of every 1 reading(s), 5 readings per line.
WATCHn 5 3 Same as above except only one of every five tests will display three tests per line. Of course variations of the numbers are possible.
Watch Toggles off Watch function.
SERIALn Changes next serial # of station n to x (where n = the Station number and x = the desired number).
COUNTERSn x Opens the counters screen for station n.
RESETn Resets the counters to zero for Station n.
SCR Scratch. This removes the current program from Station 0. We recommend that you do this before writing a new program.
Etn Allows Edit of test n (where n = test number) in Station 0 (remember to JOIN after).
INSERTn Followed by test spec (where n = test number) will insert a new test into the test sequence.
DELETEn Deletes test n from the test sequence.
CHANGEn Copies the program in Station n to Station 0 so that it can be edited.
RECORD Followed by a FreeDOS filename to record current program in Station 0 in the BTMAXX\PROGRAMS directory
DLIST Followed by DOS filename to record ASCII version of the program in BTMAXX\FILES. A .ASC extension is commonly added but not required..
PLOGn Opens printer logging setup page for Station n.
PLOG Toggles print logging function off.
STATS Opens STATS statistics utility.
DIR Displays a Directory of C:\MAXX\PROGRAMS on the screen.
FILES Displays a Directory of C:\BTMAXX\FILES on the screen.
DOS Allows a single DOS command while in MAXX.
SYNC1 Sends a sync pulse at the start of test number n. Use the "Sync1" jack at the top of the card rack.
SYNC2 n Sends a sync pulse at the end of test number n. Use the "Sync2" jack at the top of the card rack.
SELFTEST n Restarts the "Selftest" routine.
DIAG Opens the MAXX Diagnostics menu.


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