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Calibrated Boards

The boards below have been used over the years in FEC100 and FEC200 testers. These boards affect the accuracy of the readings, hence the term “Calibrated Boards”. Of course some other boards may affect the readings if they fail but are not calibrated in the usual sense. The boards are listed in the order that they appear in the card rack viewed from the front and starting on the right. The most recent versions of the boards are listed, but where they replace, pin for pin, those earlier boards are described also.

FINALLY If you measure IR at very low levels and especially at high voltage, then leakage or dielectric absorption on relay boards, or test fixtures may cause IR to read high. If trouble-shooting such an issue, try making the test very long (seconds) to eliminate the dielectric absorption as the cause. Also check to see that the leakage is not in the test fixture. Sometimes we find relay boards that have been contaminated in some way may have high leakage. In such cases we clean and thoroughly dry the boards to eliminate the leakage.

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